South West Garo Hills District

Government of Meghalaya


Office of the Border Area Development Officer

  Border Area Development Officer, Ampati
  Border Area Development Office, Kalaichar

Creation of the Department

The Border Areas Development Department was created in 1973 with the view to exclusively look after the implementation of various integrated schemes and developmental activities under the Border Areas Development Programme (BADP) and also for coordinating with the different Developmental Departments for upliftment of the people living in the border villages. The Directorate of Border Areas Development was established in 1975 to gear up the organizational set - up with a full fledged Director at the Headquarter,the Assistant Directors at the District Headquarters and the Border Areas Development Officers at the Block Level.

For the implementation of schemes under the Border Areas Development Programme (BADP), the State Government has prepared a master list of border villages in 1974 and which was revised in 1982 and 1992 and 2015.Presently there are 1692 villages falling in the border areas,covering an area of 8,860 sq. kms,running laterally from Dona – Malidor areas in Jaintia Hills to Mahendraganj in South West Garo Hills.For administrative convenience and for the purpose of easy and proper implementation of schemes,the 1692 border villages were divided into 14 border areas/blocks,each under the charge of the Asst. Director / Border Areas Development Officer (BADO).