Election Branch, South West Garo Hills, Ampati


South West Garo Hills has three Assembly Constituencies viz. 53-Ampati (ST), 54-Mahendraganj (ST) and 55-Salmanpara(ST) Assembly Constituencies.

District Election Officer (DEO), Electoral Registration Officer & Asstt. Electoral Registration Officer (AERO) are as follows:

No. & Name of the Assembly Constituencies

Name of the DEO

Name of the ERO

Name of the AERO

53-Ampati (ST)

Shri Ram Singh, IAS

Shri P.K. Boro, MCS

Smt. W. G. Momin, MCS

54-Mahendraganj (ST)

Smt. M.T. Sangma, MCS

Shri R. Ch. Momin, MCS

55-Salmanpara (ST)

Shri A. Ch. Marak, MCS

Shri L. Ch. Marak, MCS


List of approved Polling Station and voters assigned to each PS
(Annexure-VI-as on 2nd-Sep-2013)

List of Contesting Candidates(7A), Election 2013

Election Results of MLA Election 2013 (Form 20)

Affidafits submitted by the Candidates, Election 2013

  • 53-Ampati (ST) Assembly Constituency

  • 54-Mahendraganj(ST) Assembly Constituency

  • 55-Salmanpara (ST) Assembly Constituency

    Sensitive and Hypersensitive Polling Station of last Election 2013

    SVEEP Campaign 2013