Excise Branch is playing an important role since the inception of District in Ampati. The main aim of the department is to generate revenue to the government and to tackle crimes like illegal selling of foreign made liquor and country made liquor by conducting raids in different places of the district.
Presently, the district has around twenty seven retailing wine-shops and one bonded warehouse, which caters to the needs of the wine-shops in the district. The permit for the retailers has also been commenced from April, 2013.
The staff has strength of nine employees which consist of One (1) L.D.A, One (1) Peon, Six (6) Constables and One (1) Inspector. The following are the list of employees with contact number.

1.       Magnus S. Sangma, Inspector
Mobile No. 9615149709.
2.       Bredalson Sangma, Head Constable.
Mobile No. 9615742014.
3.       Holline Sangma, Constable.
Mobile No. 8413954591.
4.       Rakesh D. Shira, Constable.
Mobile No. 9402501496
5.       Premestone Sangma, Constable
Mobile No. 9862010731.
6.       Nipilson Sangma, Constable
Mobile No. 9436702128
7.       Carilstone Sangma, Constable
Mobile No. 9862295916.
8.       Marshabel Sangma, L.D.A.
Mobile No. 9615894274        
9.       Sengbal Sangma, Peon
Mobile No. 9862324086.