South West Garo Hills District

Government of Meghalaya

Kata Beel/ Chimite Lake

Kata Beel, also known locally as Chimite is located at Nogorpara Village about 25 kms fron Ampati the headquaters of South West Garo Hills District. It is said that this tank was dug by one Garo King nicknamed Pagla Raja or Lengtha Raja. This area of this tank is 84 bighas in size and rectangular in shape. The size of the tank itself stands evidence that no ordinary person could have dug such a big tank unless he is rich and powerful.
The locals of the village also believe that the tank is sacred and that there is some un-natural force guarding the tank. It is said that not a single leave from the nearby trees fall in the tank and the water remains clear all year round.
The Tourism Department has recently developed this place into a recreational area with boating facilities.