From the Desk

Dr. Mukul Sangma Dr. Mukul Sangma,
Chief Minister,

These days, Internet has become the best platform in sphere of Information Technology where anyone can share information, experiences, thoughts and knowledge. National Informatics Centre has done excellent work in launching the website which highlights information for the benefit of the general public. I am confident that the site will serve its purposed and help people of the District and world outside in getting the required information about the administrations. I believe that the information provided would serve as a means by which the community is enlightened and they demand the services rather than being passive recipients of the same. Knowing about the culture, socio-economic lives of the people inhabiting the district, their glorious past, their customs, traditions and beliefs is the only key to a better understanding of the place.  I am pleased that the district Administration of South West Garo Hills, Ampati has made rapid strides that culminate in the development of its own very website, inspite of challenges faced.  I appreciate the sincere efforts that have gone into the creation of the website of the district and extend my best wishes and heartiest congratulation to everyone who has been associated with it.

Dr. Mukul Sangma
Chief Minister, Meghalaya

Cyril Deingdoh

Shri Cyril V Darlong Deingdoh, IAS
Deputy Commissioner
South West Garo Hills, Ampati

Human Civilization in the 21st century is more interconnected, networked and technologically empowered ever before. Amazing feats of scientific and technological advances have inextricably networked communities, countries and people on different continents, reducing physical distance to naught. Information is empowerment and dissemination of information, a tool to empower the community and administration about its rights and privileges. It would be our endeavour to interact closely with the common man and this web site serves as a medium through which we invite suggestions from general public in an effort towards making the administration more responsive and efficient. It is my sincere hope and ardent desire that the website succeeds in achieving its intended objective by creating awareness amongst the public as also eliciting the much valued feedback and suggestions aimed at bettering the system further. I heartily congratulate all the team members who has been engaged in developing the site content of the website for the district administration.

Shri Cyril V Darlong Deingdoh, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, South West Garo Hills District,
Ampati, Meghalaya