South West Garo Hills District

Government of Meghalaya

Office of The Deputy Commissioner

The following branches functions under the Office of the Deputy Commissioner and District at Ampati:

  1. Deputy Commissioner Office, Ampati
    1. General / Establishment
    2. Revenue
    3. Election Branch
    4. Food and Civil Supply
    5. Excise
    6. District Disaster Management Authority
    7. Planning Branch

The following Offices functions in the district of South West Garo hills district, Ampati:

  1. Office of the Superintendent of Police, Ampati
  2. Betasing/Zikzak C&RD Block
  3. Office of the District Agriculture Officer,Ampati
  4. Office of the District Medical and Health Officer, Ampati
  5. Office of the Soil and Water Conservation Officer, Ampati
  6. Office of the Border Area Development Officer, Ampati/Kalaichar
  7. Office of the Sub-divisional School Education Officer, Ampati
  8. Office of the District Transport Officer, Ampati
  9. Office of the District School Education Officer, Ampati
  10. Office of the District Horticulture officer, Ampati
  11. Office of the District Sport Officer, Ampati
  12. Office of the Employment Exchang Officer, Ampati
  13. Office of the District Social Welfare Officer, Ampati
  14. Public Works Department(Roads), Ampati/Barengapara Division
  15. Public Health Engineering Department, Ampati
  16. Office of the District Animal Husbandry and Vety officer, Ampati
  17. Office of the Superintendent of Fisheries, Ampati.
  18. Office of the District Information and Public Relations Officer
  19. Office of the District Statistical Officer, Ampati
  20. Office of the Tourist Officer, Ampati
  21. Office of the Child Development Project Officer, Betazing/Zikzak
  22. Meghalaya Enery Corporation Limited, Ampati
  23. District Commerce & Industries Centres,Ampati
  24. Jawaha Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mahendraganj