South West Garo Hills District

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Top Places to visit in South West Garo Hills

The Snake Stone

The snake stone is a remarkable stone structure in the form of a long snake discovered in a village called Kawegre at Mahendraganj along the international border. The stone resembles a snake about 20 ft. in length. This snake stone was accidentally dug upon by the villagers of Kawegre during the construction of a road to the village.

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Kodaldhowa Lake

Situated at about 8kms from Zikzak, is the famous Legendary lake known as Kodaldhowa. It is said this tank was excavated to wash the spades everyday while digging Kata beel. The locals in Hajong Language called this tank Kodaldhowa which means “Kodal” spade and “Dhowa” means wash.

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Chenga-benga Lake

Chenga –Benga is a natural lake located at Gandhipara area about 7kms from Garobadha on the banks of River Ganol. The length of the lake is around 3kms and the breadth is about 15-20 metres wide. The name of the lake follows after the two brothers, Chenga and Benga.

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Ma Kamakhya Temple at Thakuranbari

Maa Kamakya Temple at Thakuranbari was built by a Great Koch King, Narayana. This temple is located on a hillock about 1 km away from Mir-Jhumla’s Tomb. It is said that this temple has a connection to the famous Kamakhya Temple located at Assam.

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Do.bul Lake at Damalgre

Do.bul Lake is a natural Lake located at Damalgre Village about 35 km from Ampati. The size of the lake is 4 hectares approximately. This Lake is an Ornithological hotspot known for its abundance of varieties of birds, both indigenous and migratory.

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Kata Beel/ Chimite Lake

Kata Beel, also known locally as Chimite is located at Nogorpara Village about 25 kms fron Ampati the headquaters of South West Garo Hills District. It is said that this tank was dug by one Garo King nicknamed Pagla Raja or Lengtha Raja.

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Shah Kamal Durgah/ Dargah Sharif

A few minutes drive from Mahendraganj just 4 kms on the Kalaichar road is the Shah Kamal Durgah or the burial place of the last remains of Shah Kamal and his Garo wife.Legend has it that during the rule of Raja Mahendra Narayan – the Zamindar of Karaibari..

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Tomb of Mir Jumla

The tomb of Mir Jumla, the great Mughal General of Emperor Aurangzeb is located at Thakuranbari village on the Assam-Meghalaya border about 8 kms from Ampati. History has it that Mir Jumla, who was appointed the Governor of Bengal in 1659 by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, invaded Assam heading a vast army.

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