South West Garo Hills District

Government of Meghalaya

Police Department

Law and Order / Security Situation under South West Garo Hills

The South West Garo Hills has two Police Stations, one Patrol Post and three Out Posts. The South West Garo Hills has also two Sub-Fire Stations, one at Ampati and the other at Mahendraganj with sufficient fire fighting equipments. Besides that, MPRO personnel are attached in each Police Station and Out Posts equipped with VHF, Wireless sets.
Besides the above forces, the South West Garo Hills is assisted by 2 (two) Platoons of 2nd Bn. MLP personnel.

List of Police Stations / Out Posts

  1. Mahendraganj Police Station
  2. Ampati Police Station
  3. Kalaichar Patrol Post
  4. Zikzak Out Post
  5. Monabari Out Post
  6. Betasing Out Post


Altogether 49 cases were reported upto 31st October, 2009. Thus, the cases reported has slightly increased in Ampati PS but decreased in Mahendraganj PS.
Pending cases - Altogether 140 cases are pending in Ampati PS and Mahendraganj PS consistent efforts are on to contain crime in the South West Garo Hills district. Mobile patrolling as well as foot patrolling has been intensified in the crime prone areas. Similarly, vice raids are being conducted regularly and intelligence has been geared up in the District. As far as investigation and disposal of cases is concerned, serious efforts are being made to tone up the quality of investigation and to ensure speedy disposal of cases.

Militancy in South West Garo Hills – At A Glance

Few years back, this district was infested with militancy both from within and outside the state thereby slowing down the economic progress of the district and infusing terror in the mind of people. The militancy in the district declined after the tri-partied agreement between the Govt. of India, Govt. of Meghalaya and ANVC.

Though the local militant groups stand neutralized, militant groups from outside the state still continue to pose a threat especially in those areas which are having inter-state border with Assam. Militant outfits from Assam are reportedly using some parts of district as a transit route to and fro Bangladesh and quite often take shelter in villages bordering Assam.

However, efforts are on to check their movements and activities in the district. Regular C.I. ops in close co-ordination with Army based in Assam are being conducted to ensure that their movements and activities in the sub-division are curtailed.

VDP: There are 71 registered and 36 unregistered VDPs in the district. Monthly meetings with VDPs are being held regularly at PS level to review their activities and performance.

Pressure Group / NGO Activities

Prominent pressure groups / NGOs in the sub-division:

  1. GSU 
  2. Hajong Students Union

Apart from GSU, other pressure group like HSU is relatively dormant.

Influx / Infiltration

The figure of detection of infiltrations in 2009 is 7(seven) upto 31st October, 2009.

There are four types of infiltrations:

  1. Those seeking jobs as laborers
  2. Those intending to settle down
  3. Those coming for marketing
  4. Border criminals

To keep a constant vigil on infiltrations, there is one Patrol Post at Kalaichar in the Sub-Division. The main responsibility of P.P. is to guard the border and check infiltration from across the border. Infiltrations when detected are dealt with under the provisions of Foreigners Act and the Passport Act. The sub-divisional police are making all out efforts to detect infiltrators.