South West Garo Hills District

Government of Meghalaya

Office of the Executive Engineer, P.W.D.(R), Ampati Division

Date of creation:- 28th February 2005
Notification No: PW/Admn/18/2003/68  dated 28.2.2005

The Division was carved out of Barengapara Division and Tura North Division with headquarter at Ampati Jurisdiction of the Division extends from Balachanda (Near Rajabala) in the North to Purakhasia in the South and Garobadha in the East to Zigzag and Mankachar in the West. Following creation of South West Garo Hills District, the jurisdiction of the Division falls under both West and South West Garo Hills Districts.

Road length of the Division as on 31.3.13

Total length of Road Length of Blacktopped road Length of unsurfaced road RCC bridges SPT(Timber bridges)
Nos Total length Nos Total length

267.299 km

171.854 km

95.449 km


591.85 Rm


1396.05 Rm

There are 2(two) Sub-Divisions under the Division. They are: -

  1. Ampati Sub- Division with headquarter at Ampati
  2. Garobadha Sub- Division with headquarter at Garobadha

Machineries Statement

Sl. No . Vehicle Number / Quantity
1 Invader Jeep 1
2 Gypsy 2
3 Road rollers 8

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