South West Garo Hills was formed into a district on 7th August, 2012, and is the smallest district in Meghalaya. Although the Garos, or the A.chiks form the larger population, this district is also inhabited by the Koch and the Hajong.


Nearly one third of the total area is covered with hills, while the rest is a plain region scattered with small hillocks. A large and continuous strip of plain land stretches from Garobadha towards Mankachar extending upto Mahendraganj and Gopinath Killa along the border of Dhubri District of Assam and Bangladesh.The hill regions, on the other hand, begin from 11 kilometer short of Tura on the east and cover Damalgiri, Okkapara, Mellim and Salmanpara areas on the south. These hills and hills ranges occur in the east and southern parts of the District and gradually slope down towards north and west and ultimately converge with the bigger plain region.